Sunday, September 13, 2009


Quick post today. I sealed up Pandora last night. Work has been quite busy lately so I've just been tinkering away as I can. This model was, unfortunately, not one of my favorites to paint. Something about the sculpt was just a struggle. There's an awkwardness to her features that I can't entirely pin down that made it hard to paint and be happy with. I think a large part of it was her hair, but also the "stuff" coming out of the box. Some parts I'm happy with, and other parts are just very blah.

For this model I decided to follow the art in the book rather than anything resembling the studio scheme. I opted to ditch any OSL work on it as well, which now that I'm finished I think was maybe a poor choice. Overall, not my best work by a long shot, but I'm happy to get her finished and on the gaming table.

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AoM said...

Her face is manly and her hair looks like a Reaper Dire Wolf. That's part of the problem with the sculpt. You've done a nice job with her, though.