Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lady Justice vs Ramos

Just a quickie battle report here. Played two incredibly fun games of Malifaux today with Henry. I was fielding the Lady Justice box set and he was fielding the Ramos box. Both games were to the wire and I can honestly say we are really starting to get the hang of the game. We played both games in under 4 hours!

The first game pitted Ramos with a Reconnoiter mission against Lady J with a Claim Jump mission. We were quickly battling in the middle and the Steamborg was really bringing the hurt train. However Lady J is a powerhouse in melee and made short work of the mechanical monstrosity. At that point it was a matter of mopping up, and the Judge was able to deliver some serious pain to Ramos. Ironically though, it was the Slow To Die attack from a Death Marshall that really put the nail in the proverbial coffin.

In the second game, Lady J was charged to Assassinate Ramos while he was trying to perform a rapid Treasure Hunt. Again, the Steamborg brought a pain train, nearly killing all three Death Marshalls in one turn. Lady J quickly held off the Arachnids from making off with the Treasure. This one was a nail biter! At one point Ramos had Lady J down to 1 damage point left. Then she and the Judge rallied back and nearly killed Ramos. Through some judicious use of soulstones to stay alive, Henry averted a loss and pulled out a tie as the game to a close after turn six, thwarting my attempt to pull out the victory.

There were a number of highlights in these games. First, we played two games in under 4 hours! Second, we really have a better handle on the rules and there were no significant rules questions that came up that we couldn't handle. For only being game four, those two points are pretty huge.

I really really enjoyed playing Lady J's crew. It was very entertaining and I felt like I had lots of good options. As entertaining as Pandora is, she's more tedious to plan out. Having more terrain on the board really helped as well. Unlike WM/H, this game plays well with lots of terrain since it really is a skirmish based game. Anyhow, I'm very much looking forward to my next game of Malifaux already!

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Krycek said...

Malifaux looks like a good game. Our gaming group has chosen to play and are shopping for models right now. Looks like I will run the Ortega Gunslingers with Guild. By the way, we are in Santa Rosa, CA, I saw you said Bay Area and wondered where your at? keep up the good work. And I really look forward to your Avatar re-work. I plan on doing the same with mine.