Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From the Desk: Photo Box Remix

So with a new desk arrangement came a fresh motivation to build a more space-friendly photo box. I was also motivated because I had both 3 backdrops from Hanger 18 Miniatures. The backdrops are really nice and I wanted to start using them, but my existing box was simply not big enough. So I set out to build this new collapsable photo box that I can quickly assemble on my desk for pictures. It's not an instant set up, but it folds flat and only takes maybe 5 minutes of set up and tear down including putting the backdrops in place. I won't torture you with pictures of "yet another lightbox" except to describe it as mostly white poster board put together using packing tape and painters tape so that it can fold flat easily when "disassembled". I also use a diffusion screen from my old commercially made lightbox on the top of it to diffuse the light from the lamp on my painting desk.

I'm also needing to experiment with the 2 other backdrops that I got and the lighting set up to improve the photo quality. Here's 3 different backdrops, side by side, with no retouching down on any of them. These are just the straight photos from my iPhone. I really like the look of the second one, but I need to mess with the camera settings and lighting before I switch to it.

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