Sunday, October 20, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #36

My last travel for the next few months begins tomorrow. But prior to that, I'm getting in a lot of hobby time!

First up is the Primordial Magic model, which is nearly done. Another pretty quick paint job. It's not completely done yet. Still some miscellaneous touch ups and highlights to do, as well as final work on the metal urn. The base is already done since I fixed the Poltergeist to be on a proper-sized base again.

Another random note for this week is that I had spent the last couple weeks without my painting diary handy. I wish I'd noticed this sooner. I really liked how the wood grain on the base for the Scales, but I forgot to record everything I did to get it that way. I have since of course dug it out and am back to using it. It's such a minor amount of additional time but is such a valuable log to have handy.

Next is that I got started on Miss Terious. Painting the wood grain here was what reminded me that I had lost track of my painting diary. Anyway, this is just a bit of progress really. The base is also mostly done, just not in the shot here. I also got a ton of other stuff assembled. Two Harriers are ready for priming, as well as the Peacekeeper, Taelor, Bishop, and Hans. It's nice to have a bunch of stuff done from a prep point of view so that I can just keep the painting rolling.

Speaking of keeping the painting rolling, I had a goal of painting 50 models this year, and so far I'm only done with 32. It's going to be a brutal push, but I'm still going to try for it.

Finally is just a bit of a terrain project. I decided that when I have downtime during the day when watching with my son, I might as well try working on some terrain projects since they are fairly innocuous to have around him. So I've started with this simple outhouse project. Nothing particularly fancy. I actually just took it out to the garage and threw a coat of wood stain on it.

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