Thursday, October 31, 2013

From the Desk: Sick Day Painting

Being home sick is a double-edged sword. I'm just going to highlight the bright edge of that sword in this post.

Quite a while ago I procured a set of the Secret Weapon Objective Markers but they never got painted. Well I found them while reorganizing my painting supplies and such and figured I'd pull them out and do a quick paint job on them. They make a nice in-between project when I'm stalling on my other main painting projects. I've wanted some objective markers for a while anyway, just never bothered to get any ready.

In the spirit of keeping Legion lesser warbeasts on my desk at all times, I've got a pair of Harriers in progress now as well. Not much progress, but the wing membranes are mostly done and the bases are about half done. Harriers aren't really my favorite to paint, but I fancy fielding 4 of them in a Saeryn list sometime.

And finally, the main project on my desk is still Miss Terious, although I'm taking my time on it while I sort of let the current state of it set in and really put a keen eye to the things that need to be fixed. This was at the advice of my friend Lance that suggested I just set it aside for a while. It's not completely put to the side, but I'm not letting myself rush to finish it either. Just trying to be... patient. More on that later.

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