Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scales of Justice

This model was a bit of a labor of love. I really enjoyed painting it for the most part, even though NMM is one of my least favorite painting techniques. But I muscled through it for the sake of consistency with the rest of my Lady Justice crew. While working on this model I sort of hit a point where I thought I was done but didn't feel I was done. So in order to solicit some ideas, I posted to a local painter's facebook group for some feedback. I'm fortunate to be a member of this group as it also has many remarkable artists on it too, including Laszlo Jakusovszky. He chimed in with some feedback about dirtying up the pants more and also putting some blood on the stake sticking up. After adding those touches, I really felt like the model came much more to life and was super excited with the final composition.

Some quick notes about things I did on this model. First, on his pants, I actually did a little cross-hatching work to make it look a bit more like denim. Second, the wood grain on the stocks and base were mostly all added in by hand rather than having anything sculpted. The base itself was scratch built using balsa wood and matchsticks. Turns out that matchsticks are a really good scale match for 32mm models. Thanks for that Lance! I also wanted to make this poor bastard look really tortured so I added blood to his back as if he'd been whipped, and blood to his bare feet since he's been walking barefoot and blind for a while now.

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