Saturday, December 16, 2006

13 Pieces???

Made a ton of progress on Epic Feora today. I've used primarily P3's on her and they look very nice. The whites don't suck too bad and the sanguines are lovely. The real challenge is getting all the pieces pinned together now. My hand was just starting to cramp up from all the careful pin vise usage. It's late anyway, so I'll leave the rest of the work until tomorrow.

There's a point at which I stare at an unstarted miniature and just fail to get started. That totally happened with eFeora. She was all primed and in pieces (which was a feat in itself), and then I just stared at her for the last few days unable to really get started. Part of the problem was of course my stupid work schedule, but it was also a challenge to figure out a scheme for her. I decided to reverse the scheme I used on eKreoss, that is, to do sanguine red for the armor plates and white for the fabrics. She's definately dark red, but I think it's turning out pretty good. Certainly better than if I had tried to do her all white. Anyway, enough musings, time for sleep.

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