Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Random Day #427

I'm still trying to ponder what to do about the Ogrun Bokur for a conversion. In the mean time I've decided that the Harbinger needs to be next on deck after these Troll Impalers are done. If I don't do her soon, I'll never do her. After that, I'm going to institute a rule to paint 1 troll for each new model/unit/etc that I get. This will help ensure that all the trolls get painted eventually.

On a side note, I recycled a pile of old electronics today. 3 CPUs, a monitor, 2 dvd players, a printer and a box full of random bits of junk. Total cost: $50. If for no other reason than to make a note to myself, the place I went to was Green Citizen. They were super nice, and the whole thing was super convinient. I'd recommend them as a recycle place to anyone.

Went to see The Good Shepherd today too. It was, uh, ok I guess. Complicated, and lingered in the moment alot, but overall I'd give it a modest thumbs up.

That's it for the random day I guess. I totally didn't rant about the American Altar like I planned to do. Maybe tonight before bed if I don't stay up late painting again.

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