Friday, December 15, 2006

Proxying - The Dirty Little Secret

As promised, here's a pic from the battle the other night.

There are others on my photobucket album. The battle was very amusing and gave us both a chance to experiment with some troops we haven't used before. People don't talk about "proxying" models much, but everyone does it alot, and this battle was no exception. I forget the details of each list but it was 500pts of mercs vs cryx. My merc list included Ashlynn, Devil Dogs, Steelheads, a Talon, a Mule, and of course, the Alchemist and Bokur combo. My opponnent's cryx list included the witches, soul hunters, satyrix raiders with the sea witch, the deathjack, and a skarlock and alchemist. VP-wise I'm pretty sure I cleaned up (we bailed after 4 rounds), but in a kill-the-caster game, I would have lost at the end of the 4th round.

In summary, here's what I learned about the mercs I fielded:

  • Devil Dogs seem cool, but are hard to position effectively.
  • Steelheads don't seem cool, but are remarkably badass.
  • The Talon is so-so, but I like the vanguard better.
  • The Mule seems badass, but I really need one more use to make a proper verdict.

The highlights of the game were the Steelheads getting to charge the Soulhunters and wiping out almost all of them, and also watching helplessly as my mule got magic jarred deep in the battlefield to sit ineffectively.

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