Monday, December 18, 2006

Job Wisdom

Warning... rambling personal philosophical musing:

The Christmas season always gets me a little angry and withdrawn. Being a faithful christian in the midst of a materialistic nation naturally makes it a little frustrating, and it doesn't help that I work at a job that enables people to buy more junk in an even more faceless way. I recently watched The Nativity Story (which was great) and then went into work the next day only to get an email from the VP saying that a bunch of us had to be online and available this weekend to watch the production systems. I just about lost it. Talk about a complete subversion of the Christmas message. Then on Sunday at church, I was struck by a reading from Luke (sorry I don't have the particular reading at hand). Jesus was talking about the end, and people were asking him for advice. The advice that really stood out to me was his advice to the tax collectors and soldiers. He said "Only collect as much as your are supposed to... Do not extort people". Right now you are probably thinking "Duh...", but it's what he didn't say that struck me. He didn't say "Quit that job and find something more meaningful". In a time of year when I am depressed, frustrated and ready to tell the whole chain of bosses above me to get stuffed, this little bit of perspective really helps. I'll let society dictate what is a necessary job, and I'll let myself focus on being meaningful, graceful, and covenental with my fellow workers. Maybe God will visit a little of his peace on me during this season of peace and reconcilliation, cause I could certainly use it.

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