Friday, March 30, 2007

The Blood Feud Continues

Last Wednesday (I'm only 2 days behind on posting now) I played against Zugbart again. He has once again done a marvelous job of writing of the battle. Next time I hope to remember my camera so I can snap some pics. I'll once again give some highlights from my side of the battle:
  • Stupid trolls with stupid tough on everything! I swear, I've never seen such good luck with tough rolls in my life.
  • Warbeasts are crazy. I need to focus on killing a single one rather than spreading my army out. I'm used to battling warjacks that can't repair. The two-handed throws and slamming are really gronking my normal tactics.
  • Feora was totally the all-star. She comeplete annihilated the blitzer in one round, without even charging. I need to figure out how to get her more into the fray earlier on.
  • Fire rules. Apparently when you're tough, you don't notice you are on fire.
  • My normal tactics are pretty much brute force. I need to start using the terrain more to my advantage and spacing my guys out better.

I need to put together a serious "A" list for next week. Menoth must be getting sick of all my poor showings lately. Time to put the trolls in their place!

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