Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Progress

I've made alot of progress on both the Bokur and the eMauler. The Bokur probably has about an hour or so more of painting needed and then he's done. I used sort of a reverse scheme from the first Bokur in terms of brightness and I like the look overall. The big challenge has been doing black leather. It looks ok, but in general I don't like the look of shaded black. I should prowl through CMON for examples of black that I do like. In any case though, this guy is nearing competion.

The eMauler on the other hand has been reduced from 12 pieces to 9 pieces now. I've decide to assemble the entire thing except for attaching it to the custom base before painting, despite the potential challenge of painting it that way. He's taking longer than expected anyway just cause of all the greenstuff work to smooth out join points.

Yesterday I got a small set of drawers on wheels and a second arm lamp which has dramatically reduced the amount of junk on top of my desk. My wife actually suggested getting a smaller desk now that I don't need as much desktop space, so I might use this as an opportunity to find a really cool desk. I saw a table at Ikea yesterday that had enormous potential. It was a plate of glass on top, and then a space of about an inch and a half below the glass where stuff could be slid under. If it was a bit bigger, it would be perfect to stash paints out of the way and yet easily see them. Oh well. The search for a perfect desk will have to continue.

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