Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Primetime Tournament

This is sort of a catchup post. The Primetime tournament was last Saturday. Geez I'm a slacker at this blogging thing. In my own defense, I've done alot of painting on the eMauler, and been uber busy at work. Anyway, the summary from the tournament was that I got smoted... badly. However I learned a few things. Some of these could be viewed as whining, and I'm ok with that.
  • Out of the 3 games I played, they were all against Crxy. Cryx made up half of the armies in the tournament. Not only that, but they were infantry heavy lists. One had 2 deathrippers and the rest was infantry. Mostly skarre lists too.
  • People only bring their A lists to tournaments... rarely do people bring any sort of experimental lists.
  • Warmachine (unlike Hordes) seems to be favoring infantry heavy lists. Especially against Cryx, it's just impossible to leverage enough attacks to inflict the same number of VPs in damage.
  • Steamroller missions for Prime-only protectorate are pretty difficult.
  • The tournaments just aren't as fun as random games. I'm hoping that the league games are more entertaining.

Anyway, here's the quick breakdown of the battles. I brought a Severius list with a Revenger, Vanquisher, Knights, Zealots, a few Deliverers, Eiryss and a Paladin.

The first game was Skarre with a pile of infantry. We ran out of time after 2 rounds, partially due to the volume of infantry.

The second game was Skarre again, with even more infantry. I got completely crushed on Skarre's feat round by a wave of Bane Thralls and Bile Thralls. By the end of the 3rd round, I only had Severius and the Vanquisher left. In all fairness, even though it wasn't a very fun game to play, my opponent was a master of executing the Skarre assault.

The third game was Deneghra and alot of infantry. This was the closest game. 2 rounds was all we had before time was called, and at the end of round 2 it was 4 to 2 on VPs. My opponent and I decided to just play out the rest of the game for fun. In the end, I was able to kill Deneghra.

All things considered, it was a moderately fun tournament, and I got a free coin just for showing up (and a Warmachine shirt), so I can't really complain. I lose alot, and I'm ok with losing alot. But losing alot to the same thing over and over isn't really much fun anymore.

I had another battle tonight, but I'll put that in another post.

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Da Troll said...

Blah, sorry to hear you didn't get a lot of variety at the tournament. I feel your a fantasy army a long time ago, five out of six games I played were against the same army too, and that just sucks. :(

It was also a shame to hear that you didn't get to go past 2-3 rounds...I would think that that could really hurt some armies, since some really do a lot of their work in the later rounds.

Glad you got a coin and a shirt though! :)