Friday, March 09, 2007

Painting Leather

I was trading emails yesterday with a couple friends of mine that also paint and I suddenly realized that I haven't been blogging about the techniques I use. So, in the spirit of sharing ideas, here's a first technique description.

The leather I did for Doomshaper used a new technique that I just tried out and I have to say that I like it quite alot. Before I was always using inks to deepen the look of leather on miniatures, and it's a look I very much like. However, inks tend to create alot of glossy reflection and that is just not natural for leather. So, for Doomshaper's leathers, I painted on Vallejo Matt Medium (slightly watered down) right on top of the leathers themselves. I did it this way rather than mixing it into the inks at first. This worked pretty well, although I did also try mixing in the matt medium into the inks themselves and that worked satisfactoraly. I'm working on my second Bokur now, so this will be a good chance to try it out on another model and refine the technique, but so far I like the preliminary results.

Hopefully next time I do one of these, I'll have some pics to go along with the description.

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