Monday, June 02, 2008

And now for something new... The Painting Desk

The following are a pair of pictures of my test model. I've had this model for a while and it has many many layers of paint on it at this point. I use it for experimenting with new color combiations and painting techniques. Typically ones that I'm not willing to throw on a new model. Eventually I'll need a new test model, but this one has proved sufficient up till now.

Today's experiment was with oxidized/rusted metals. I tested these out on the sword blades. The top one follows fairly closely a tutorial from the Brushtralls site on NMM oxidized bronze. The lower one is just a concoction of my own creation. I'm thinking of using these techniques for the metals on my Cryx models. For my own reference, here are the two techniques:

Top blade: base Menoth White Highlight, thick wash Rucksack Tan, thin wash Sanguine Base, thin wash Battle Dress Green, very thin wash Umbral Umber, thin wash Arcane Blue (in selected places)

Bottom blade: base coat Cold Steel, wash Bloodstone, thin wash Vallejo Smoke, stipple with Khador Red Highlight, edging/blending Pig Iron

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