Sunday, June 01, 2008

Studio Showdown, Local Style

Inspired by the Studio Showdown articles in issues 17 and 18 of No Quarter, I've decided to follow suit and try to paint 1000 points of Cryx over the next 4 months. Given my life schedule (and getting sick with the flu today) this is going to be a tall order. However, I've convinced a couple buddies to join me in the showdown for moral support.

For my own showdown, I've got a couple tweaks to the parameters:
* First, all models are to be selected based on being interested in painting them. This is not about fielding a kick-ass rules-based army. It's about fielding a kick-ass looking army. Left to my own devices I'd keep working on pirates and protectorate due to my completionist mentality. However there are some majestic Cryx models that I'd love to paint, so this gives me the perfect excuse to do so. It may not end up being an effective force, but I'll have a great time painting it.
* Second, all models within the faction. No mercs to fill out the force.

As for a schedule, here's the plan:
June: base 350pts, 1 caster
July: additional 150pts, plus 1 more caster
August: additional 250pts, plus 1 epic caster
Sept: additional 250pts, plus 1 more epic caster

For my first 350pts, I've selected the Witch Coven (85pts), Capt Rengrave (28pts), 6 Revenant Crew (77pts), a Skarlock (16pts), and a Harrower (125pts). This gives me 331pts which technically leaves enough room for a necrotech and 2 scrap thralls, but I've left them off because I'm not particulary keen on painting them and will probably use the 19pts for something else in the next round.

Well, time to get crackin here. I've got alot of painting to get done!

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