Sunday, June 01, 2008

Eiryss (alternative sculpt)

Fresh on the heels of Kubla, here's Eiryss, in all her alt sculpt glory. There are 3 key things here that I tried out that I had not done before:
1) The cloak (although hard to tell in the photo) was a big experiment for me. I tried out a technique of using a warm red tone on the upper highlights, and deep blue tones for the shading. The purple made this an easier exercise, but the effect was rather intriguing. It gives the cloak a strange sort of color effect that I'm still not sure how to characterize, but I do like it. The cloak has a much more dynamic color to it as a result.
2) The blade got a litle extra attention. I used some blue highlights along with working the metals in my normal way, thus creating more of a hybrid between metal and NMM effect. Not particularly good, but an interesting experiment none-the-less.
3) The mushrooms were just a random experiment. I'd seen them on bases before and decided to give them a try here. They turned out ok for my first try. I may have to search around for a tutorial to see if I can gain any additional tips.
Overall, a fairly pleasurable model to work on. The face came out unusually well for my skills which I am stoked about.

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