Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First 1k

Last night was my first 1000pt game and it was awesome! I totally got smoted, but it was very entertaining and educational. I played against Jeff from my LGS.

Jeff: Cygnar - Darius, Haley, 2 Centurions, Thunderhead, Ironclad, Lancer, Sword Knights, Trenchers, Junior, GMCA, and Strangeways.
Me: Menoth - eFeora, Bart, Castigator, Revenger, Devout, Freebooter, Mariner, Daughters, Zealots, Aiyana&Holt, Rupert, Vilmon, 2 Seneschals, Eiryss, Chior, and Vassal.

We played the standard Cygnar league mission for this week so that Jeff could get league points.

I got smoted. Even though I was the "attacker", Jeff had me pinned down and slowly took me apart. Darius' feat also put a serious hurt on my day when he repaired everything. I also had a couple of key failed dice rolls (pushing the Seneschal into range to walk up and take out a Centurion for example, and then missing a chain attack slam on the T-head that would have slammed it into a building and undoubtedly destroyed it). Overall though it was a seriously fun game.

I should not have built my list specifically to go after the mission. Also, playing at the 1000pt level means the second caster can just be support. Going with Bart gave me some interesting options, but since I was going second, I simply wasn't able to properly leverage those options.

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