Monday, June 30, 2008

Lightbox Test

I'm experimenting with using the lightbox javascript for image display. I'll be updating this post as I continue to experiment.

Source for the lightbox javascript.


  1. Download the stuff from the above site
  2. Modify paths within files
  3. Upload files into my google pages (, since I can't add the files to this blog directly
  4. Add the 'rel' tag to image references... per the example below...
  5. Discover that my images are way too big and need to be cropped down for this to really be useful

Additional notes about using picasaweb to host images and how to embed them into sites was gathered from this blog. Basically to reference the images, there's a finite set of possible resolutions that can be referenced in the link, which are: 72, 144, 200, 320, 400, 512, 576, 640, 720, 800, 912, 1024, 1152, 1280, 1440, 1600.

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