Sunday, June 29, 2008

Captain Rengrave

My final push to meet 350pts in a month isn't going so great. Here's Rengrave, finishing out the pirate half of the points. Overall a pretty mediocre paintjob, but I wasn't going for my best. After finishing it, I have mixed feelings about this model. It has marvelous details (coat, tears, barnacles, sword details, 4 pistols, etc), but the pose of the model is obnoxious. I would have preferred something a little more upright and menacing. Here he just looks like a sneaky pirate thief. In the 3 games I've played with him so far, he's always out in front, kicking ass and taking names. He deserves a pose that says to his opponent "Go ahead! I dare you! Shoot me!" Anyway, that aside, this model was more practice in using washes for me.

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