Sunday, May 03, 2009

From the Desk: Random Updates

Tonight's post is sponsored by a screwed up sleeping schedule, being ahead on my to-do list, and continued playtesting of MKII.

First up in my random thoughts for tonight is my display case. Long ago (probably 4 years now) I bought the "classic" Ikea glass display case. I believe it's called Detolf. When I first got it, I was just getting into Warmachine and put a bunch of my old Warhammer Fantasy miniatures in it that I had enjoyed painting, despite never really playing it. Today, as you can see, the case has evolved. All of the Warhammer models have been demoted to closet storage, and I added 2 additional shelves to it. Only the very bottom has resisted infestation. At present, it stores my entire Warmachine and Hordes collections, but it's getting tight. I'm now starting to ponder how to better store my collection, and if that includes demoting some stuff out of the case.

Next is the Shredders I'm working on. This in-progress shot gives you a rough idea. I've opted for something similar to the studio scheme. I'm going with darker blue skin, brown for the chiton, and typical bone colors for claws, teeth and horns. Overall I'm liking how these are turning out. My current conundrum is how to differentiate them easily for battle purposes. My leading theory right now is to put glowing runes on them. However, despite pouring through all the books, I haven't found any sort of Legion runes or glyphs of any kind. So I'll probably just end up making up runes as I go.

Ah, and where would I be without my paints. I'm back to my age old debate of how to store my paints conveniently. My wife found a couple paint storage things, but they are more designed for the larger paint tubes. I'm starting to think that something along the lines of a spice rack would be best, but with the number of paint pots I have, it would take a lot of rack space. Odds are I won't do anything about it, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

And lastly, a quick battle report...

I played another MKII game last night. 35pts of Protectorate vs Cryx. Pardon the abbreviations but it's getting late. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures despite bringing my camera.

Me: eSeverius, Blessing, Fire, Zealots (10+MB), Chior (6), Vilmon, Paladin, Vassal, 3x Wracks, Hierophant.
Cryx: Asphyxious, Soulhunters (5), Mechanithralls (10+Necrosurgeon+3 Brutes), Reaper, 2x Deathrippers, Necrotech, 1x Scrap Thrall, Skarlock, Withershadow.

Summary: Asphyxious pulled out the win after a failed assassination run on eSeverius, and then a failed counter-assassination run back at him. It turned out afterwards that we missed an effect of Asphyxious' spell that would have left a cloud effect and thus blocked the first run on eSeverius, but it was an interesting stress test for both casters.

* eSeverius is pretty badass, and his changes are very welcome. His spells are simplified but he retains his frightening support caster capabilities. This time I actually got him into melee with stuff and he is every bit the old man his fluff portrays him to be.
* Soulhunters are badass at clearing infantry.
* The new Unit Formation rules are very cool, but create some slightly strange effects. This battle resulted in a Soulhunter being cut off from his leader and stuck "cowering" by himself.
* Mechanithralls seem fairly priced. They are cheap, but they also don't have a very good MAT.
* The new Zealots and Monolith Bearer are rockin. I love the changes. They are much more reasonable and at the same time slightly more flexible than before. I like the simplification that their prayers and abilities are not *Actions anymore.
* The Reaper is pretty awesome. His DEF 13 made him remarkably difficult to deal with. I'd say he will start seeing occasional table time in the future.

Further Impressions: The Reaper is actually a good example of why I'm liking MKII so far. Before the Reaper was totally sidelined. Now it's something fairly priced and can have a key role in an army. It's now viable but not overly powerful. A great many things are now in this boat. So far, I'm still loving MKII. I'm actually going to be sad to play MKI in the tournament coming up this next weekend.

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