Sunday, May 17, 2009


Despite a recent heat wave here, I managed to get an early morning sealing done and wrap these guys up. The unit attachment is still in progress along with the Deathstalker.

What worked well:
* The bows actually worked out better than I expected. I did sort of a fake wood grain patterning on them and then buried it in a couple wash layers. The end result doesn't look like thin wood grain, but does provide sort of a marbled-wood sort of effect. For the amount of time spent on it, I can't complain.
* Basing turned out nice with the bits of orange lichen on them. It helped bring some unity to the basing and overall color scheme. I'm pretty happy with how this basing scheme is coming along.
* Washes worked pretty effectively. Part of my challenge to myself is to use more washes and work with green to expand my abilities. I've had lots of challenges in the past with wash consistency and getting "rings" around the edges of washes, so hopefully I can continue to get better at this.

What could have been better:
* Sharper details would have helped a lot I think. All my recent speed painting has left me realizing that sharpness of details is one serious area of improvement for me. It's hard to point out specific things, but there's lots of spots where I don't get nice crisp details and it reduces the readability of the model.
* Feathers are just not something I've practiced much. I felt like these could have been much better, but I just don't have the experience with them. Rather than dwell on them too much, I decided to just move on.

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Deacis said...

You paint fast man!! Nice work. Cool bases :-)