Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Strider Deathstalker

Now this is a rockin model. I really enjoyed painting it. Lots of interesting surfaces to work with, and a good blend of details and large surfaces. Anyway, this will be a quick update since I'm doing it on break at work.

What worked well:
* Doing this model along with the Striders really helped keep her consistent with them. Although painting squads is sometimes soul-crushing to grind through, these weren't so bad since it was the 6 Striders, Lylyth, this Deathstalker, the Musician and the Officer, so it broke up the group a bit to do it this way. Plus I just like that they all match.
* Glowing rune on the back worked out better than I was expecting, and helps bring that theme element of the army more into this particular model.
* Details turned out fairly well overall, especially the hair, eyes, and leg wraps.

What could have been better:
* More time spent on quality would have helped. It's not a premium paint job, but again, I'm practicing speed.
* Skin could have used a bit more work.
* Black armor blending is pretty poor. I almost went back to touch it up, but honestly the surfaces were small and would have required a pile more effort for a small amount of change.


Shelexie said...

You really are busting these out! I really like the way the rune on the back glows. The model is clean and should look great with the other unit. I am looking forward to seeing a group shot!

Da Troll said...

I really like the rune too. I'm going to see about copying your technique for my Krielstone when I get to it. Hope you don't mind!

And the skin color is nice since blue is, of course, the best skin color to have. ;)

Scott said...

I'll make sure to post a group shot once I wrap up the initial 350pts worth. Just 5 Incubi to go!

By all means, copy the runes! When I first started doing them I started to panic and almost decided against them, but now that I've got several done, I'm really happy with how it ties them together. And I am especially liking the pink runes, especially against the blue skin.

John said...

Beautiful work as always - still really like your ability to get consistent looking effects with bright colours