Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strider Musician

Whew! And that wraps up the Striders! Doing them all as a group (including Lylyth) really helped. They look consistent and although the solos didn't get my normal level of special treatment, I'm really happy with the uniformity of the whole Strider set. My painting velocity will probably drop back down now, especially with KublaCon this coming weekend. Now the big question is whether I want to enter the Striders for the painting competition or the Drudges like I had planned. There will definitely be some serious pondering tonight.

What went well:
* Runes... seriously, I'm starting to enjoy them more. And the practice at doing them is very useful.
* Speed, again, was refreshing. I'm looking forward to having a 350pt force painted and ready to go soon.
* Breaking out the Musician, Officer and Deathstalker from the rest of the Striders to do at the end worked out great. The large work of cloaks, armor, skin and feathers was mostly done, so last night was mostly just detail work on these last two.

What could have been better:
* Same as the others... quality. Having wrapped them up though, I'm pretty happy given the speed.

This brings me close to 350pts now. Next up will be the Incubi. I should point out that I have yet to field any Legion force yet in a battle. It's going to be fun to see how this stuff actually performs.

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Deacis said...

Nice work on the whole unit, definitely going to be an eye catcher on the battlefield!