Saturday, May 09, 2009


One more step closer to a fieldable (is that a word?) Legion army. These guys were mostly done almost a week ago, but I wanted to paint glyphs on them and needed to pick up some additional paint. It's nice to feel like I've made some significant progress on getting my Legion started.
What went well:
* Skin tons are fine - I was worried they would look "smurfy", but overall I like the look.
* Chitin worked out good - I really like the look of the chitin.
* Gums/tongues stand out well - Oddly enough, this was something that jumped out at me afterwards as having worked well.
* Time - It didn't take a huge amount of time to paint these. I think the longest part was painting all the little chitin spots.

What could have been better:
* Glyphs - There will be more below about the glyphs, but overall I feel like the execution was not super great. I've done tattoos before, but these didn't feel like they are really "glowing". I'm not completely disappointed, but just wish I could have figured out how to execute them a bit better. Perhaps a splash of paint on gloss.
* Claws/horns - Not terrible, but I used a different technique this time and they claws and horns just don't quite have the smoothness I'd like.

I used the GW washes for a couple things here (the skin being most notable) and overall I'm starting to like them more and more. They require a little caution in their application since they go on like a combination of a wash and a glaze. They will heavily color a surface, especially if put on too thick. However they are easy to apply and stay contained to a particular area very well. For actual "washes" I still will use just paint and water, but these GW Washes are now finding a particular niche in my painting arsenal.

I wanted to find a way to differentiate each of the Shredders so that I could track them during games easily. To that end I opted to paint glowing glyphs on them. Amy Brehm painted an incredible Coven battlegroup for the P3 Grand Masters last year that I really liked and used pink for the glowing items (pictures can be seen in NQ #21). I wanted to use that same pink theme, primarily because I liked the look of it. It's probably not a great color theory match, but I'll chalk that up to still learning. After some searching around, my buddy Lance pointed out the omniglot website which has a bunch of information about various written languages. I poked around in there and found a section on Nushu and loved the look of the characters. Why not just make up my own? Well, honestly, everytime I make up my own glyphs, they end up looking like the troll runes. Anyway, the long and short of it is that the glyphs worked out ok, but not fabulous. Hopefully I can refine the process on future models.

Chitin Formula:
* Base with Bloodtracker Brown
* Streak with Beast Hide
* Streak with Jack Bone
* Wash with Umbral Umber
* Wash with Umbral Umber + Armor Wash

Skin Formula:
* Base with slightly thinned Liquitex Light Blue over white primer
* Controlled Wash with Exile Blue
* Highlight with Frostbite
* Wash with GW Asurmen Blue
* Highlight with Liquitex Light Blue

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