Friday, July 17, 2009

Crushings All Around

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So this last week has been busy. I haven't painted hardly at all unfortunately. Work has been ridiculously busy and I just haven't been home much in the evenings. It's unfortunate, but my painting rate prior to this was going pretty well, so I was due for a slowdown.

Last weekend (I know this is coming in late) I played a 500pt game of Legion vs Trolls. It was Thagrosh vs Doomshaper and unfortunately the game came down to a tough roll on Doomshaper's part. After making that roll, I was out of juice and the game was over.

Two nights ago I got a pair of games against my regular opponent Henry. Battle 1 was Thagrosh vs Grissel, and Henry just smoted me. His list was pretty tough, but I made a serious deployment error and he did a good job of capitalizing. The second game was Thagrosh vs Deneghra and unfortunately this game was pretty one-sided, but with a twist. About halfway through the game I was completely stomping Henry. Then Deneghra feated and then busted out Dark Seduction on my Striders, which of course failed the CMD check. That pretty much turned the game around entirely at that point and after a bit of calculating we agreed there wasn't anything to really do at that point.

Despite my 3 losses, I'm going to be attending the tournament at my LGS tomorrow. This will be my first tournament fielding Legion which should be entertaining. For now though I'm enjoying a good beverage (Grey Goose Screwdriver), a good podcast (Tabletop Quality), and a nice relaxing evening. Perhaps I'll actually get some painting time in this evening!

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Deacis said...

Good luck with the tournament! What list will you be taking?