Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was the specific model that got me interested in painting Legion. I love this model. I'm not sure why, but for some reason it really inspired me. Something about the pose and the details. This model was a joy to paint. I had primed it and the Acolyths at the same time and had intended to paint the Acolyths first, but the Raek kept whispering to me. So, he got all the attention and the poor Acolyths are still sitting there with only a couple quick coats of paint on them.

What went well:
* Skin turned out better than previous beasts. I do like the lighter color for this model. I used some pretty dramatic shading on this guy to accentuate the lines and muscles.
* Carapace turned out nicely. Not all of it though. The larger sections worked out just how I was hoping. Lots of washes and 2BB used.
* Speed painted and yet I'm really happy with the results. This whole "force myself to speed paint" thing is starting to pay off. I'm getting quicker with techniques and better at choosing which colors to shade with.

What could have been better:
* Claws/teeth were ok, but could have used a bit more character and definition.
* Tail spike is alright, but I just couldn't quite figure out what more to do with it to really bring out some detail.
* Tail carapace was pretty small detail to work with. I did a fair amount of zenithal highlighting and shading, but in the end I'm only lukewarm on how it looks.

Despite his mediocre performance on the table last night, I still love this model and I'm pondering getting a second one to paint. But for now, I still have 6 Acolyths screaming for paint, along with some other really badass stuff in the queue.

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Iron Twitch said...

Nice job, I really like the skin tone you have here. I still haven't started to paint all of my legion models, but seeing the alt schemes like yours helps give me ideas (I can't paint white well enough to do the studio scheme).