Saturday, July 04, 2009


This was perhaps my favorite Legion model to paint so far. The Incubi were definitely very cool, but getting to focus on this beautiful single sculpt was very refreshing. I'd been wanting to pour extra time into a single model and this was the logical choice. A special note, this was the model I got from the Tabletop Quality contest.

What went well:
* Overall composition seemed to work out pretty well. I tried to create a triadic color scheme to keep the overall look of the model in harmony. It's not traditional triadic, but hey, it worked.
* Greens on the cloak worked out nicely. Using Moldy Ocher for the highlights really enhanced the depth of the color.
* The feathers came out better than I was hoping. I used a number of thin washes that used matte medium, flow improver and various P3 paints (tans, browns, sanguines, and blues) which gave it good overall color. Then I hit the whole thing with GW black wash to darken the whole thing.
* Complimentary color shading is something I'm trying to practice more of and for the most part worked out well here. I used violets to shade the greens, blues to shade the browns, and sanguines to shade the blue skin.

What could have been better:
* The metals on the staff could have been a little more defined. Partially my photos washed out the detail that is there, but it certainly could have been better.
* Complimentary shading worked well, but there were some places where I had to clean it up and smooth the transitions more. My mastery of color is still lacking in this department.

Overall this was both a delightful model to paint, and a good learning experience. I spent more time than my typical to get small details done (like highlights on the staff wraps), and did a lot more thinning of paints when doing shading. Ironically I have nothing else assembled at this point so I'm going to be spending the rest of the weekend getting stuff put together to have something new to paint.

Out of curiosity I posted this one on CMON to see how it rates. (May take a day or two to show up)

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