Saturday, July 25, 2009


The Forsaken, although still not a favorite sculpt, wasn't so bad to paint. It went fast due to the fact that it has very few unique elements on it. It basically breaks down into three categories: skin, chitin/claws, and wing membranes. This made painting it very fast, especially given that it's a pretty small model.

I should note that this base was actually the prototype base I had made originally when working out a basing scheme for my Legion force. All I did was carve out enough cork to fit her feet down, and then add the small amount of moss. Ironically I hadn't used the base up till now because I felt it was too crowded, but for this smaller model it worked out nicely.

What went well:
* Fast, and I mean FAST to paint. I was just aiming for tabletop quality, so this was probably under 4 hours of painting time easily.
* Wash experimentation with black ink, matt medium, flow improver, and water made for a pretty nice way to deepen the chitin and wing definition.

What could have been better:
* Bloodstone is not really a good base coat to start with for the chitin and claws. I ended up covering the majority of it by the end. It just ended up looking too "wet".
* Lack of "feminine" impression. The model, if you look carefully, is actually meant to be a woman that's been blighted. Unfortunately I just couldn't quite bring out more of a feminine appearance in the face.


John said...

Impressive as always

Iron Twitch said...

I really like the work you've done on this model. Looks great.