Friday, July 10, 2009

Skarre vs Thagrosh

Quick battle report before I pass out from exhaustion. Played against my buddy Henry in a very fun match up.

Me: Thagrosh, Carnivean, Raek, Shredder, Shepherd, Deathstalker, War Chief, Striders with attachment, Swamp Gobbers.
Henry: Skarre, Cankerworm, 2 Deathrippers, Skarlock, Bane Knights (10?), Bile Thralls (8-ish?), Mechanithralls (10?).

Overview: I won the initiative and got to go first. The Bane Knights were deployed far enough back to prevent the Striders from getting the drop on them right away, so I used the opportunity to carve out the arcnode of one Deathripper and clear out a couple Mechanithralls and Bile Thralls. Unfortunately the volume of infantry was rough to fight through and eventually the Bane Knights swarmed the Striders. Skarre feated early, and then the Carnivean got a good assault spray hit on her, leaving her with just 4 health left.

Endgame: Thagrosh got a run on Skarre, using Mutagenesis to kill a Bane Knight and end up in melee with Skarre. However she was camping 4 focus and despite needing only a 7 on 3 dice (boosting the damage roll), I managed to roll a 4 and fail the kill on Skarre. Stupid dice!

* Thagrosh was awesome. I need to remember Death Shroud's -2 STR to everything, which I forgot a couple times.
* The Carnivean again shined using his assault to get a great long range attack on a caster.
* Skarre didn't skarrebomb! Against Hordes it's a much smaller threat, but still, it was nice to not be constantly worried about it. Henry's a good sport that way.
* The Striders continue to please me. They did a good job of thinning the infantry and holding a flank.

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