Monday, June 29, 2009

Thagrosh, the Prophet

Not a lot to say today. Work is trying to hijack my free time, but I was determined to get this posted. This is a pretty cool model, but I should point out a couple things before my normal commentary. First, this was the last of the second hand Legion models I got. When I was stripping him I carelessly didn't keep track of all his spines and horns. As a result I lost most of them. I ended up resculpting most of them which could have gone better. Also, I continued to experiment with color and shading here and as a result some parts of this model got much less attention than they deserved.

What went well:
* Skirt-thingy - The shading was an experiment for the green sections. I actually used magenta to shade the recesses.
* Glowing weapon - Loved this! It was a pain to pull off, but I think the end result turned out pretty decent. I'm thinking of hitting it with some glosscoat now that it's sealed just to give it some extra glow.
* Overall color composition - I'm rather happy about the overall color hue and value on this model. It's not perfect by any stretch, but I feel like it came together better than average for my skill level.
* Base - It's hard to see from the pictures, but I create a stone with a rune inscribed and made it broken in half. I like the feel of this base for him. Borders on epic!

What could have been better:
* Face - It just tortured me the whole time. Plus I needed to clean it better before priming I think. Too many stripping shortcuts.
* Metals - Some of it was ok, like the weapon, but the armor bits were less than spectacular. Especially the detail work on the outside of the big glove.
* Uneven foot - It's hard to see from the picture, but the foot is actually sculpted with a groove so that it fits into a normal medium base. I didn't notice this until I was actually pinning him to the base and by then it was too late. Doh!

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Nicolai C. Hansen said...

Not your best work, but still all right.

Keep it up.