Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Legion Victories!

Last night I played 2 games using my Legion force and won both games! I've been in a scramble to get my 500pts painted for the tournament this weekend, but also I want to bring something at least mildly competitive. To that end I've been playing more than usual. It's unfortunately rather late (due to work and a run to the LGS) so this will be a brief battle report.

My force: Thagrosh, Carnivean, 4 Shredders, Striders with UA, Deathstalker, Incubi.

Game 1: Witch Coven, 4 Deathrippers, Tartarus, 10 Bane Knights, 10 Bile Thralls, Skarlock, Gorman. Miraculously I pulled this out. Some key things that went well were the Incubi opportunistically tying up arcnodes, the Striders getting lots of shots on biles and taking out Tartarus early on, and the Carnivean pulling off an assault spray on the witches.

Game 2: Madrak, Impaler, Mauler, Champs, Hero, Krielstones (5), Gobbers, Fell Caller. This game was a huge punch-face fest. In the end, Madrak just missed a run on Thagrosh, leaving him with 1 health left. At that point Thagrosh gutted the troll and claimed victory. I should note there was some terrible dice rolling on the part of the Champs when trying to take out the Carnivean.

Overall I'm feeling better about my Legion force. I think Thagrosh will be more my style, but I'm not sure I'll have him ready for the tournament this weekend. Maybe I'll get extra motivated though.

On the weekend I also played a battle box game of Legion vs Trolls, but my Legion force took a severe beating and in the end the Axer took Lylyth out handily. This was a fun game though as I was teaching a buddy of mine how Hordes plays. It was also amusing to me to realize that I have 2 battle boxes fully painted for Hordes.

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