Monday, June 08, 2009

New Lights

This last weekend I took the opportunity to get some new lights for my photo setup. Before I had a ragtag set of 3 different lamps. The bulbs were all different hues and intensities. It created some hue variation in my photos that I couldn't correct for in Picasa which was really annoying. I have replaced those 3 lamps with 2 uniform shop-style clip on lamps with a pair of 60W full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs. This gives a light spectrum pretty close to my painting desk lamp. I built a small wooden mount for the two lamps to hold them evenly on either side of the lightbox. I snapped a fresh picture of Grim to example the difference in quality.
It may not seem obvious at first glance, but if you look at the old picture closely, you'll see a hue shift on the left side towards the blueish spectrum and more yellow on the right. The new lights have a nice even daylight spectrum. This also eliminates the overhead lamp as well, and without a loss of proper lighting either. Overall, totally worth the $25 spent. Now I just need one of those fancy white-to-blue backdrops that everyone uses!

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Shelexie said...

Really nice setup! Good job!