Wednesday, June 03, 2009


This rounds out my initial 350 points of Legion. These Incubi were pretty interesting to paint. I opted to go for sort of a Hellraiser style skinless look for the Incubi under the Nyss skin. Admittedly coming fresh off of KublaCon I ended up spending a lot of time obsessing over small details rather than getting these wrapped up quickly. They aren't really amazing despite the obsessing, but I'm pretty happy with them overall. I've decided that in order to satiate my desire for obsessing over little details I'm going to pick up some models from other lines and always have one on my desk to work on occasionally.

What went well:
* The skinned portions worked out ok, given that I'd never done anything like that before.
* Spines and claws worked out pretty good. I've got a pretty solid formula, but the contrast they provide on these models was a nice visual effect.
* Carapace bits turned out better than I was expecting.

What could have been better:
* Nyss flesh could have been better. It looks a bit flat.
* Transitions between Nyss flesh and Incubi flesh could have been handled better. There are a couple places where I felt like it doesn't have enough definition or contrast.
* Black armor/cloth could have had better highlighting. I sort of took a lazy approach to it.

Anyway, here's a group shot of the Incubi together...

And here's a shot of all 350pts of Legion so far.


Nicolai C. Hansen said...

Nice work, they certainly have a very distinctive style.

maxus said...

Looks nice, I do find the yellow 'bush' on the base a little distracting