Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warmonger War Chief

This rounds out my first 500 points of Legion! This stout bad ass is the Warmonger War Chief solo. He likes raging across the battlefield, consuming hacked off limbs, and the occasional decapitation and ensuing fountain of blood. His turn offs include hesitant commanders, slow walks anywhere, and anything cooked.

This model was a must-add to my collection. He was equally as fun to paint as the Ogrun Bokurs were for similar reasons. My only minor complaint is that there was not a whole lot of skin surface available. I really wanted to put a glowing rune on him, but I just couldn't find a location that I liked. I thought about putting it on his exposed chest, but that would have reduced the skin even more, and I wanted to preserve a decent level of skin exposure to keep him tied in with the rest of the army.

What went well:
* The armor went fairly well. I'm not completely happy with it in all locations (chainmail especially), but the contrast between raised and recessed portions of the armor plates worked out nicely. I used a bit of the juicing method to get the armor shading the way I wanted it.
* Fur is something I hate doing, but this time it worked out ok. Usually I get bad results from trying to use washes on fur, but for some reason my order of techniques worked it out better than my usual. Wish I could remember what I did!

What could have been better:
* Smoother painting. For some reason I didn't get nice smooth coats. I'm sure it's because I need to thin my paints more, but I'm just not quite there with that thinning estimation yet.
* Misc details could have used a bit more attention. I'll admit, sticking to my speed painting mantra for Legion is getting somewhat annoying. I wanted to get this guy done for the tournament this weekend, and that meant taking a couple shortcuts on details and not rounding out the shading as much as I should have.

In any case, I'm happy with the result. I'll post a picture of the 500 point force soonish. Probably after the tournament on Saturday.

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