Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Legion Crushed and More Photo Improvements

Played a game using my Legion models for the first time this evening. It went poorly battle wise, but I had a great time. My opponent was playing a pretty optimized Cryx list with Coven, 4 arc nodes, Bane Knights, Tartarus, and Bile Thralls. I got completely smoted. Still though, it was entertaining and I learned what all my models could do.

On the photo front I was directed to another good article about miniature photography and it included a link for a gradient image to use as a backdrop. So I downloaded it and printed out a copy to use. This was a quick test of that gradient as a backdrop using the Carvivean I'm working on. I'm seriously liking the gradient backdrop. There's definitely some additional tweaking needed, but this gets me ever further along on my photo quality.

Last item before I pass out from exhaustion, I found this excellent resource for doing color selection. It's a free tool from Adobe and is quite useful. One particular reason I want to use it is to identify the variety of colors in various natural pictures to get a better sense of what colors actually occur. I'm still hunting for a color theory in the class and looking for books on the subject, but for now this is going to be super useful I suspect.

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