Thursday, August 06, 2009

eGoreshade vs eThagrosh

I've been playing a lot lately it seems. Last night was another practice game towards the tournament this weekend.

The Lists:
Me: eThagrosh, Typhon, Carnivean, 3 Shredders, Striders+UA, Deathstalker, War Chief, Forsaken, Totem Hunter, Swamp Gobbers
Henry: eGoreshade, Deathjack, 3 Deathrippers, Bane Thralls (10), Bile Thralls (10), Withershadow Combine, Skarlock, Pistol Wraith, Bane Lord Tartarus, Gudrun

The Mission:
Break the Line - This is the 6 zones mission, and one that both Henry and I wanted more practice at.

The Throwdown:
This battle was pretty vicious. Sudden Death on the Bane Thralls is a pretty nasty combo, especially since they create additional BTs when they kill stuff. This caught me off-guard more than once. However the Striders and Incubii made for a decent counter to this. The Carnivean got an assault charge in on Tartarus but then got cut to ribbons by BTs the next round. The Striders managed to get a good charge in on them (since shooting them was simply not an option) and took out half of them. From there the battle started to sway in my direction. Typhon walked in and killed a couple more, putting himself in a dangerous position, but I wanted to test his resiliance. There were a couple of key missed dice rolls on Henry's part that made a big difference as well. The Deathjack missed Typhon on a slam attempt (needing an 8 on a boosted dice roll). At that point Thagrosh and Typhon took him apart, using him as a bowling ball for Withershadow at the same time.

The Endgame:
Henry nearly pulled out a victory on scenario. On the right side I only had the Deathstalker engaged with Gudrun on his side of the board. He walked Gudrun around but failed to kill the Deathstalker. Then he attempted to blast her with a spell from an arcnode, but I had one Incubii remaining which popped out to maintain dispute of the zone. At that point is was merely a matter of rolling in with Thagrosh to cut Goreshade down.

The Highlights:
* The Incubii are excellent for scenarios and ruining plans. Not only did they hold the zone, but when Bile Thralls purged they got to walk on up and mess up the remaining purges.
* Typhon continues to perform like the badass he is. With Dragon's Blood and Excessive Healing he can stand up to a fair amount of punishment (pretty much blowing off Bile purges.
* Being conservative with Thagrosh is clearly a better plan. He does a great job of boosting Shredders especially.
* The Carnivean continues to please me with his assault charges.
* eGoreshade is pretty awesome. He's got a really cool spell list. Overall I loved playing against him (as opposed to regular Goreshade).

The Reflection:
I'm loving this list. It's huge fun to play and gives me the flexibility I need to respond to a variety of armies. Even in this battle with a lot of stealth I was able to leverage my strengths and get the job done. Swapping out the Shepherd for an additional Shredder was definitely a good choice. I think swapping out the War Chief for Gudrun will definitely be a good choice for scenario play as well. I'm really looking forward to the tournament on Saturday. Hopefully I remember to bring the camera!

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