Sunday, August 02, 2009


Now this was a beast. Overall it was a pretty enjoyable model. I did some minor conversion work on the tail since I thought the original pose of Typhon holding his tail made him look more like a cowering kitten than a fearsome beast. Getting the model together overall took a fair amount of pinning and green stuff work but I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as I might have expected. The big problem was the bad alignment between his feet. I had to build up a bit of the rock base under him to even things out.

What went well:
* The skin worked out good. I really do like the lighter shade of skin than I did on the earlier beasts (unfortunately).
* Chitin was good as well, using a similar mix of colors as on the Raek. I used some dark green to shade the recesses and it shows much more on this model.
* This was a relatively fast model to paint. Again, like the Forsaken, it has relatively few different areas to paint, making things pretty fast.
* Using a mix of washes, 2BB, and traditional layered blending worked great on this model. The larger surfaces certainly help in that area.

What could have been better:
* The overall color balance seems a bit off. There's bright read near the heads, which helps to draw the eyes upwards, but there isn't as much to draw the eyes back.
* The spots are ok, but I still feel like they could have been better. I like the character they add, but there's something just not "right" about them.
* Claws and spines didn't get great treatment, and although I don't regret the shortcut, it is somewhat unfortunate that I didn't tackle them in a different way. Mostly it was a hindsight issue.

I'm seriously looking forward to getting this bad boy on the table. The two times that I proxied him I was quite pleased. Typhon, like the Raek, was one of the small handful of Legion models that really lured me into starting another faction. This guy will definitely be seeing tournament time next week.

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