Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Malifaux

Henry and I played our second game of Malifaux today. Again it was the Pandora vs Ramos box sets. This time we were building upon an already fairly solid understanding of the basic rules, so it was more a matter of working out details and understanding all the features of our models. I have to say, I still like the game. There's some pretty ridiculous things that can happen during the course of the game, and many models have a pile of abilities.

We ended up with 15 questions as a result of our game. Many of these have to do with wording questions and ordering, more than about actual problems or vagueness in the rules. Fortunately they have a rules forum, so I'm going to find out what the protocol is and post there. However, so that I don't lose my list (since it's written on a scratch piece of paper, I'm going to include them at the bottom of this post. [Note: I'm posting the answers here as well]

The battle itself ended in a draw. Things went back and forth, and at one point I was sure that I was on the ropes and would be dead, but then I managed to rally back. Some of the highlights of the battle were having Ramos' Arachnid swarms split into singles and then threaten to self destruct all over my entire crew. Baby Kade managed to get a backstab run in on Ramos but unfortunately didn't pull out much damage. In the end, it was down to just Pandora and Ramos, chasing each other around the board. Ramos is a great tank and Pandora is really slippery to actually get to attack, so in the end we decided to call it a draw.

Although my desire to paint this models is climbing sharply, I'm still determined to get at least my Allegiant and eLylyth models painted before working on the Wyrd stuff. We'll see what actually happens. As for the Malifaux game itself, it's going to be interesting to balance playing both Hordes and Malifaux, as I am very much enjoying this new distraction.

Outstanding rules questions:
* Does Pacify trump Companion for when to activate?
* Can other models move through Spirits? - Yes
* Do Spirits block LOS? - Yes
* When you cheat fate, does the replaced card go into your hand, or is it just discarded? - Discarded
* If Pandora triggers Mental Anguish on a model with Terrifying, does that model still fall back? - Yes
* If a model moves toward a Terrifying model and fails the morale check, does it immediately move to fall back immediately? - Yes
* When an Arachnid Swarm splits into individual Arachnids, the text says "summon XXX to Arachnid Swarm". Does this follow the standard summoning rules for location (i.e. within 6" of the summoner)? - Arachnids must be placed as close as possible to the original Swarm
* What is the order of resolving damage from pulses? Specific example: Baby Kade and a Woe both have 2 damage remaining and are in B2B with each other in the area of effect of an Arachnid Self Destruct. The order becomes important as to whether Baby Kade can Martyr the damage to the Woe before it is destroyed.
* Does a Push need to follow a straight line? - No
* More detailed explanation of placing Blast markers? - Basically measure edge-to-edge unless otherwise specified
* If Pandora succeeds with a (0) Pacify, can she keep chaining them until she fails one? - Yes
* If 2 friendly models and 1 enemy model are all in melee with each other, and one of the friendly models wants to cast a spell at the enemy model, does it follow all the standard in-melee rules given that there is another friendly model in melee with the target? - Yes
* When a model is charged by a Terrifying model, when is the Terrifying check made? - Immediately, but they dont' Fall Back until their next activation
* Which takes precedence between "ignore" and "lose immunity"? Specific example: Raputina's Frozen Heart vs Pandora's "The Box Opens". In this case they aren't specifically in conflict, but awaiting an answer on the wording conflict in general
* Does Armor stack? Specific example: Ramos (Ability: Armor 2) standing behind cover (grants Armor 1). - Yes

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