Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mordikaar vs eThagrosh

Another game last night! This time against my long-time arch nemesis Lance. I should note that we played this game with "tool tips enabled" so to speak. We made sure to point out features of the things we were playing as we went along since I'd never played against Mordikaar or Karn, and half of my Legion list was new for Lance.

The Lists:
Me: eThagrosh, Carnivean, Typhon, 3 Shredders, Incubii, Striders+UA, Deathstalker, Forsaken, Totem Hunter, War Chief, Gobbers
Lance: Mordikaar, Karn, Gladiator, Krea, Agonizer, Arcuarii (6), Paingivers (5), Ferox (3), Saxon, Gobbers, Tyrant Commander, Void Spirit

The Mission:
Mosh Pit, although we did a pretty pitiful job of paying attention to it. There was a forest in the middle of the table over part of the mosh pit as well which made for a real tar pit itself.

The Throwdown:
Talk about a battle between the irresistible force and immovable object. The combination of Karn's Fate Ward, Mordikaar's feat, and then that nasty Manifest Void, it was a righteous pain in the butt to get an attack in. Even with Glory of Everblight running, I was having a difficult time getting proper attacks in. The Striders' CRA was a huge bonus in this battle since it allowed me to reliably take out Ferox and Arcuarii. The Deathstalker was a good luck charm, going up the middle and taking out the Tyrant standard, which then led to a failed mass casualties command check. Later she dodged a trample from Karn and continued to cause amusement in the middle. The Totem Hunter got to collect Saxon's skull, but was quickly flattened by a very angry elephant. The Void Spirit got to charge Thagrosh, causing 8 damage but also generating a Shredder. In general though, all 4 heavy beasts spent much of their time trying to maneuver for a good charge and never ending up with one. Perhaps the most amusing part was when the Carnivean did an assault charge lining up Mordikaar, the Tyrant, the Agonizer and a Paingiver, but despite Glory of Everblight, missed all 4 attacks, and then the feat round kicked in pushing him back 4d3"!

The Endgame:
In the end, I was getting tired and decided to go for the kill. I charged in with Thagrosh, nearly leveled the Krea, and then tried to drop Black Chasm on Karn and Mordikaar. Unfortunately I missed the attack roll which then deviated away from Mordikaar. I continued to execute my plan, but at this point all the attack rolls were failing due Mordikaar not being knocked down. 2 Shredders went rabid and charged in on Karn, but Fate Ward trumps rabid, so they did minimal damage. Typhon charged the Forsaken, killing it and producing an Incubii, then sprayed at Mordikaar twice by targetting the Shredder I had lined up. I got 2 hits, but those got transferred to the Gladiator. The Carnivean walked in but was out of control area to assault charge and thus didn't have range to reach Mordikaar but did finish the Gladiator. The Incubii walked around and smacked Mordikaar, but then I was out of juice, and Thagrosh was out of Fury. At that point it was a trivial matter for Karn to walk around and snuff him.

The Highlights:
* The Deathstalker and War Chief both killed things!
* eThagrosh continues to amuse. I think being more conservative with him in terms of when to take the damage to spawn a Shredder is a good plan.
* Mordikaar and Karn are a painful combo. Karn especially is difficult to dig out with the whole Fate Ward thing.
* Positioning is key. The Striders got to serve the dual purpose of CRA'ing key things and blocking charge/trample lanes. Without that careful positioning, I would have gotten snuffed.

The Reflection:
The Skorne list I faced was pretty challenging in the denial department. It was really difficult to find an opening so I had to pick away at it. In hindsight our late evening start resulted in having to just go for the kill and making a mistake. As it turns out, I forgot to use my feat and that would have probably won the game at that point. Swapping out the Shepherd for an additional Shredder was totally worthwhile though, and in general I like the way this list plays. It has plenty of punch, plenty of speed, and plenty of anti-infantry if the occasion calls for it.

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