Friday, March 01, 2013

From the Desk: Play it Painted

If you're a part of the online Warmachine/Hordes community, you'd practically have to be living under a virtual rock to not have heard of Muse On Minis' "Play it painted 2013". As a guy who has long preferred to play with painted model, and often self-imposed playing with only painted models, it's exciting to see all the people getting involved. Whenever I go to events I try to make a point of going around and giving encouraging comments to those people who have at least made an effort to paint their armies. Regardless of skill level, I can always find something positive to point out to people about their painting to help motivate them.

Speaking of motivation, I wanted to keep my own motivation to paint fueled so I pinged my close 3 friends about painting goals for March. We're trading emails to help keep each other excited about moving forward. So what were the goals?

Mike: "5 Warspears, Warspear UA, Swamp Gobbers, Shepherd, Angelius, Naga, pThags." - I have no clue how he's going to get all that done, but Mike has been a painting machine lately so I wouldn't put it past him.
Henry: "Paingivers + Krea." - Henry's new slide into Skorne is exciting. He's got a bunch of other things in progress so I wouldn't be surprised if he does more than that.
Lance: "Finish Calandra and the War Wagon. Paint Bomber #2." - Painting huge-based models is a monster task. If Lance pulls this off I will be giving him a serious high-5. I'm also very eager to see his magma-troll themed War Wagon.

Any here's my painting goal: 5 Warmongers, 5 Warspears, and the Warspear UA. 11 medium based models. As of last night they are all primed and ready to go. Doing this will not only make a huge dent in my overall unpainted queue, but it will clear my desk nicely for the Archangel that I've already pre-ordered and expect to arrive at the end of this month. The nice thing about painting all 11 of these at once is that it will help them be fairly consistent looking. I also have my existing War Chief as a guide so I already have a blueprint for the paint scheme ready to go.

So that's our goals for March! I'll do my best to post pics as we go. And to all of you out there looking for motivation, I highly recommend checking out that MoM thread linked above. It is incredibly inspiring to see so many people posting pictures of progress.

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