Sunday, March 31, 2013

Play it Painted: March Results

As reported earlier, I finished my March goal well ahead of schedule. The caveat to that is that since 16th I haven't picked up a brush at all. I've been traveling for work and that put a huge crimp in my painting progress. But I'm back and super excited to set a goal for April. However before I do that (tomorrow), I wanted to recap my results and share some other notes.

March Accomplishments:
  • Painted 5 Warmongers
  • Painted 5 Warspears
  • Painted Warspear Chieftain
  • Finished painting Judicator
  • Assembled and primed Pendrake
  • Finished assembling and primed Extreme Carnivean
And how about my compatriots? Well Mike encountered a catastrophe when the dog ate one of his Warspear models. Lance shifted gears and did painting on Slaughterhausers and assembly on more trollkin stuff. And Henry, well, I actually played a game against his Skorne last night (and I lost I might add), but I got to witness firsthand his painted Paingivers and also a remarkably well painted banner on his Titan Gladiator.

Ok, so now that I'm back from travel, I'm planning to get back to the desk and get more work done. I'll post tomorrow about my April goal.

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