Sunday, March 17, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #27

MMmmMmMMmmmMmMMMmmm... new Hordes book.

Very short weekend post. Nothing really to show. I've already wrapped up my March painting goal so I'm now working on getting models assembled for my April painting goal. Right now I'm aiming at painting Pendrake, 2 Afflictors, and the full 6 Bone Grinders. I also want to at least get started on the Extreme Carnivean at the same time. Pendrake and the Carnivean are already primed and ready to go, but the rest of it needs trimming, assembling and priming.

Another note is that while I'm in-between painting projects, I'm doing a little experimentation with other techniques I've never used before, and mixing various mediums and paints to see what kinds of effects I get. All part of my goal to find new techniques to advance my painting with. If you have random crazy ideas, but don't have the resources/time/nerve to try them, leave a comment and I'll do my best to investigate and attempt.

Some other random notes:
* I dug out some old Noise Marines that happened to be primed, not for play purposes, but for being test models since my current test model has about 10 layers of paint on him now and is starting to be useless.
* I've been working on some small terrain pieces, but nothing really valuable to show at this point.
* My pre-ordered Archangel will arrive near the end of this month and that should also slow down my painting while I attempt to get it assembled and ready for my May painting goal prior to Lock and Load.
* Oh, and speaking of Lock and Load, I'm all registered up for a pile of classes and then leaving all the rest of my time open for Iron Arena. Now my buddies and I just need to get identifying shirts made!

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