Saturday, March 16, 2013

Warspear Chieftan

And this wraps up my March painting goal! Very early, but by design since I'm going to be traveling for work off and on for the next couple weeks so I needed to get these done early. I painted this guy at the same time as 5 Warspears and 5 Warmongers. Painting 11 medium based models all at once would normally feel soul crushing, but in this case I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Perhaps it was because I've been painting singles and huge based models most recently. In any case, it feels great to have all these guys done, not just for the ability to put them on the table but for the huge dent it puts into my unpainted model list. I also have to admit, my meager and crowded desk was pretty much at capacity having 11 medium based models in progress at once. Anyway time to do some reflection on the project.

What went well:
* Having a goal and driving towards it made a big difference. Just like when I painted the second Gatorman Posse and Ironback Spitter for the Gold Rush Rampage, using the Play-It-Painted-2k13 justification helped to get me excited and keep me focused. I've played pretty much zero games on my computer and painted nearly every night.
* Speed painting but allowing myself to spend time on certain details was a nice approach. I'm happy with the results given the time spent.
* Painting all 11 as a group definitely helped since I could use assembly-line techniques. However doing a mix of Warmongers and Warspears kept things mixed up so it wasn't too monotonous. I might do something similar if I decide to eventually paint Archers and Swordsmen.

What could have been better:
* The usual: More time, more details, etc. Honestly, I'm pretty happy about these guys overall so I'm just going to nitpick a couple things that I cut corners on due to speed.
* Warspear beards could have been more interesting. I just sort of "did something" and moved on.
* More highlighting on some key areas, particularly metals, would have helped with pop.

Ok, enough reflection. I need to start figuring out an April goal and begin assembling.

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