Sunday, March 10, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #26

I hate the whole daylight savings time change thing. Spring forward? More like sleep thief.

First is my progress on my March painting goal, the Blighted Ogryn. Things have moved forward a lot. I got the armor mostly done, the loincloths, the spears, and generally a bunch of stuff. I'm mostly down to cleanups, highlights, and details. Of course I expect that all the detail work will take a fair amount of time. In any case, I'm happy with how quickly these are moving.

Next I have a quick glimpse into one of my painting tips that has served me well for a long time now. I use post-its on my desk and make notes on the remaining things that need to be done on my current projects. This helps me to make sure I don't accidentally miss anything. I keep adding to it as I spot things and scratch them off as I complete them. This has been a valuable tool for me, particularly on squads and on competition projects.

Next, but without pictures, are the assembly work I did on Pendrake. He's all assembled and attached to a base. Just need to prime him and I can get started on him, but that's pending my March goal.

Also, as mentioned earlier this week, I finished the Judicator. It was a huge relief to have that done and not looming over me as an unfinished project.

And then there was, oh, wait, this isn't painting related. It's my margarita in the foreground while my steaks were cooking! And with that I'll sign off for the evening.

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