Sunday, March 03, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #25

Super fast cause I'm exhausted from a busy weekend.

Here's a shot of 3 of my Blighted Ogrun that are in progress for my March painting goal. I'm not bothering to show them all because all 11 are in the same state. Skin is mostly done. Fur is base coated and washed. My next big step will be to tackle the metals which will be a soul crushing task. Fortunately all the models have very accessible poses so it isn't a nightmare to paint any of them in particular.

Some other things I did during this week:
  • Finished Rask
  • Started painting some terrain bits (damaged barriers from Secret Weapon)
  • Ton of sorting and organizing of my painting desk... not sexy, but helpful
  • Prototyped a new color scheme for a painting project I'm thinking of starting
No progress on the Judicator, but every time I proxy it I get more and more anxious to finish it.

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