Friday, March 18, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker2 vs Morghoul1

I am loving Stryker2.

My list: Stryker2 (tier 2), Squire, Ol Rowdy, Stormclad, Sentinel, Stormguard (10), 2x Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), 2 Stormblade Captains, Bunker Objective.

My opponent: Morghoul, Marketh, Bronzeback, Brute, Gladiator, Willbreaker, Zaadesh, 2x Savage, Krea, Paingiver Beast Handlers (6), Meath Thresher.

Scenario: Close Quarters, 60 minute death clock.

Once again I found myself going second. The first round was just moving forward and then things started to get a little bit contentious on the second round. However top of 3, Morghoul jammed in right next to Stryker (who was dominating my friendly flag), and feated, which made things really tricky. Unfortunately for Morghoul, Rowdy and the Stormclad both managed to land hits on him, and then with Stryker's feat, an additional hit came from Rowdy by sheer luck. This pretty much spelled doom for Morghoul for, while he was able to transfer the hits, his beasts were pretty blown out. After that it turned into most mop up. My opponent actually timed out, and at that point I was up 3-0 on control points and thus won.

Lessons learned: Going with max weapon attachments for the Stormblade units is a much better option than the Lancer. Also, Stryker is darn survivable up front when Rowdy is able to stick right with him.

Games this year: 11

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