Sunday, March 27, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #115

I am so pumped for Lock & Load!

Last week's mad push to get Laddermore done in time for #miniaturemonday really broke my painting funk. I'm charging again in my paint queue and feeling pretty good about my push towards LnL. I will admit that I broke down and bought a second Stormclad just because I love that jack. I do feel like it will make a good ADR sideboard option for my Striker2 list too, but mostly I was stress shopping, and I had to backorder the Trench Buster so I needed to be able to walk out of the store with something new. However, here's what else got done this week:
Finished Kraye
Got the Stormclad assembled
Started working on Storm Lances, Blaize and Gallant
Started assembling Stryker3
Got more 50mm Tau Ceti bases drilled and magnetized

I also connected with PPS Bryan who I played Unbound with last year and we're planning to play a rematch this year. I'm super stoked because that Unbound game was one of the highlights of LnL15 for me. Getting to play again against such a worthy and gracious opponent is a real privilege. It's gonna be epic!

Paint Target: Complete All Cygnar
Storm Lances - painting
Blaize - painting
Gallant - painting
Stryker3 - assembling
Stormclad - assembled
Trench Buster - backordered

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