Saturday, March 19, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker2 vs Syntherion

I am loving Stryker2.

My list: Stryker2 (tier 2), Squire, Ol Rowdy, Stormclad, Sentinel, Stormguard (10), 2x Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), 2 Stormblade Captains, Arcane Wonder Objective.

My opponent: Syntherion (tier 2), Corollary, Axiom, Assimilator, Diffuser, 2x Emergence Projectors, Dispersion Optifex, Optifext Directive, Attunement Servitors, Bunker Objective.

Scenario: Fire Support, 60 minute death clock.

Once again, lost initiative and my opponent opted to go first. This gave me the side selection which helped me a bit. This battle was really like 3 parallel battles taking place. On each flank was a CoC battle engine facing off against a unit of Stormblades, and in the center was the Axiom and Assimilator facing off against the Stormguard and Stryker. This really set the tone of the whole game as we were both trying to collapse the flanks in order to take control of the center. Despite the huge amount of slaughter of my Stormblades, the battle was going my way, and as I pressed forward with Stryker, Syntherion ended up with his back against the killbox. Bottom of the 4th I did some math and went for the assassination, rolling an incredible 16 bonus strength with Overpower and then Stryker rolled in and put Syntherion in the dirt with a single charge hit.

Lessons Learned: Stryker is incredible for assassination when he can get the vector on his target. Also the CoC battle engines are really great at clearing out my Stormblades. However even just a couple Stormblades can still cause considerable damage. Also I'm still very happy with the swap out of the Lancer for the Stormblade WA's. Now I really need to start thinking about ADR sideboard options I think.

Games this year: 12

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