Sunday, March 06, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #112

Rain. Work trips. Things are grinding to a halt, fast.

This week's roundup comes in the form of headlines...

Finished Stormguard... Hooray!
Lance gave me Blaize... Yay?
Assembled/Primed Kraye and Laddermore... Sweet!
More thoughts that I typed up earlier... Yawn.

Some other thoughts. Things I wish PP would do: Add Objectives to WarRoom. And Unbound support to WarRoom. Make cards for Tier Lists. Sell updated cards. Sell stickers!

So I still don't have a Blightbringer. Here's why... I'm taking a break from serious Legion play and expansion. Although I like the Blightbringer, I feel like it's still in a category of just not quite good enough for my play style. However I do think it's good and will likely get one eventually. However for now I'm enjoying Cygnar a ton and focusing my attention on that as well as reaching fully painted.

New paint target is sort of silly...

Paint Target: Complete All Cygnar
Stryker3 - blister
Kraye - primed
Laddermore - primed
Storm Lances - trimmed
Blaize - blister
Gallant - blister

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